business checking account

Business Checking

Looking for a checking account to manage your company's daily finances? Then explore the business accounts offered by First Liberty Bank!

We offer various types of accounts, from low volume small business accounts to high volume accounts with account analysis. Whatever the size and need of your business, we're sure to have an account that's right for you. Visit with one of our experienced bankers today.

Details of our checking accounts include:

  • Minimum balance to open: $100
  • Monthly service charge based on minimum daily balance:
    • $20,000 and over: No fee
    • $10,000 - $19,999.99:  $10
    • $5,000 - $9,999.99: $12.50
    • Under $5,000: $15
  • Account analysis: Designed for accounts that exceed 200 total items or 50 deposited items per month
  • Overdraft protection: $3,500*

Non-profit Checking

We offer a non-profit checking account designed specifically for tax-exempt organizations and other community-based organizations. The account is intended as a low-cost, low-volume option that allows organizations to focus resources on their service work. We believe in the good work provided by organizations that serve others and are pleased to offer this option for good stewardship of funds. 

Details of this account include:

  • Tax-exempt organizations must furnish documentation to confirm their status
  • Monthly service charge: 
    • Tax-exempt organizations: No Fee
    • All other organizations: $7, waived if the organization receives e-statements
  • Items allowed: Up to 50 debit and 100 deposited items. Accounts exceeding these limits will be evaluated for account analysis status.


* Some restrictions apply. Your account has been open for at least thirty (30) days, and thereafter you maintain your account in good standing, which includes at least:

  1. Bringing your account balance to a positive balance within every thirty (30) day period for a minimum period of 24 hours
  2. Not being in default on any loan or other obligation to First Liberty Bank
  3. Not being subject to any legal or administrative order or levy

We offer other overdraft protection plans that may be less expensive than our standard overdraft protection plan, such as:

  1.  A link to another FLB deposit account that you own