building blocks for savings

Personal Savings

Saving money—whether for a special purchase or a rainy day—is a healthy, lifelong habit. At First Liberty, we make it easy with our affordable, low-balance savings account designed for any level of saver. This means you can get your children saving early, open an account for grandchildren, or save the money from your after-school job—whatever works for you! When you're ready for a longer-term savings option, consider our Certificates of Deposit instead. However you want to save, we're here to help! 

Consumer Savings

Here are the details of our Consumer Savings Account:

  • Minimum to open: $25
  • Monthly service charge:
    • If your minimum daily balance is $100 or greater, No Fee
    • If your minimum daily balance is under $100, $5
  • You get 3 free withdrawals each month. Each additional withdrawal is $10.