Video Tellers

Welcome to your personal Video Teller! You'll find Video Tellers at various locations around FLB. And while a Video Teller may look like an ATM, it offers so much more. With a Video Teller, during banking hours you may speak with a live FLB teller via the built-in screen and take care of most of your banking needs without having to step foot into a branch. During the hours we are closed, the drive-thru Video Tellers function just like an ATM, so you get the best of both options. 

We are also introducing Video Tellers to our lobbies, creating a safe, secure environment for your transactions. Simply touch the screen to get started, and a teller will be ready to serve you!

What are the benefits of using a Video Teller?

  • A Video Teller offers more options than a traditional ATM
  • It features advanced video chat technology so you can see and speak with a live FLB teller
  • Most in-branch transactions can be conducted through Video Tellers:
    • Withdraw cash, including change
    • Deposit cash or checks without an envelope
    • Conduct a transaction with your FLB Debit MasterCard
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • Make loan payments
    • And much more!

Plus, FLB Video Tellers offer special privacy options. You may plug in your earbuds or headset, or you can have an onscreen text chat with the teller. 

How is a Video Teller different from an ATM?

Video Tellers provide personal interaction with a live FLB teller. Each time you use a Video Teller, you will be connected with a teller to have a face-to-face conversation as you conduct your transaction. In addition, Video Tellers allow you to conduct more transactions than an ATM, including deposits, withdrawals, account transfers, loan payments and more!

Will the Video Teller replace employees?

Not at all. Video Tellers are an extension of our people and not a replacement for them. The machine is fully operated by a live person on the other end who is there to help you as you conduct your transaction. FLB Video Tellers allow us to serve you with significantly extended hours without losing the personal touch that we all value so much.

How do I use an FLB Video Teller?

Simply touch the screen and an FLB teller will appear to assist you with your transaction. 

Where are the Video Tellers located?

Video Tellers are currently available in the following locations:

Liberty: lobby and motor bank

Liberty: north main location next to Brookshire Brothers

Dayton: motor bank

Huffman: lobby and motor bank

China: lobby and motor bank

Hardin: motor bank

Mont Belvieu: lobby and motor bank

Livingston: lobby